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Volunteer at Gifford

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Gifford Cat Shelter! 

  At this time, we are not accepting applications for new volunteers, but encourage you to check back periodically for changes in status.


We are tremendously grateful to our supporters who are interested in volunteering and there are still many ways to help us help cats!


1) Are you crafty?  Create handmade blankets and carrier/trap covers:

2) Create a Facebook Fundraiser:

  • Whether it’s for your birthday, in memory of pets or family members, or just because - Facebook makes it easy to create and publicize your own fundraiser.

3) Apply to become a foster home:

4) Donate items from our wish lists: 

5) Help out people and pets in need with our food pantry: Food Pantry Wish List

6) Attend one of our events:

7) Download the Free ResQWalk App and earn money for Gifford Cat Shelter while you walk, run, or bike: 

  1. Download the ResQWalk App from your App store

  2. Search “Gifford Cat Shelter” and add it as a favorite

  3. On the “New Walk” tab, click the “in support of” box and select “Gifford Cat Shelter”

  4. Each time you walk, bike, or run, click “Start Walk” and get moving 

  5. Each mile earns a portion of an ad-generated pool of money for our shelter!

Thank you for your support!

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