Gifford Cat Shelter Presents: Paw Project the Documentary 10/23

ABOUT THE PAW PROJECT MOVIE – In the United States today, approximately 25% of domesticated cats are declawed. While many are told that it is a procedure that benefits the cat’s livelihood; pet owners aren’t always aware of the true physical damage that it brings to the animal. Most people do not know the current struggle aimed to protect our pets from this harm. THE PAW PROJECT is a documentary that takes us inside the issue. Sharing testimony from industry professionals and pet-owners alike, THE PAW PROJECT examines the emotional and physical cost that a cat pays when declawed; and reveals the profit that the procedure generates for veterinary doctors across the nation. Despite the physical and behavioral harm inflicted on cats that are declawed, many veterinarians continue to recommend the procedure, which costs upwards of $1,200.00 per hour – even for very young kittens. Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Conrad wants it stop. While it often puts her at odds with many in her professional field, she continues to lead the struggle. Step by step, the film follows Conrad as she refutes representatives from the American Veterinary Association (AVMA), all in her effort to protect the well-being of these felines. THE PAW PROJECT chronicles her journey from pet examinations to legislative hearings, where she urges elected officials to ban declawing in their cities. THE PAW PROJECT is a documentary written, directed and produced by Dr. Jennifer Conrad. It is her added effort to ensure that everyone is of the dangers of declawing. She hopes that THE PAW PROJECT will be used as a tool to change the nation.

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