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Top Affectionate Medium Sized ESA Dogs - 2022 Guide

You could be an animal lover. You could just be one of those people who swoon at the sight of pets. You could want a pet in your life. You could actually use such a pet as an emotional support animal. Yes, wouldn’t that be amazing? You could wipe that self-satisfied smirk off that obnoxious landlord’s face. No one can come between you and your furry friend now! All you need is one ESA Letter to entitle you to have the pet of your choice under your roof, and stepping out with you at all times! You hear correctly, you absolutely don’t need to check your ears for earwax!

Emotional support animals are the kind of pets who can accompany you to public places, live with you easily in a rented space, and be allowed to even fly with you!

Become Entitled…

This is a letter that could open many doors for you. It’s just like saying “open sesame” and watching the magic happen! Well, not quite that drastic, but you get the picture!

Know Which Dog to Choose…

While you are planning on bringing the perfect pet to your house, there are a few things you need to consider. Don’t just start thinking of the perfect DIY dog house to build for your ESA dog yet! You must know what kind of dog would be the aptest for you! It may look like you have many options to choose from - but you need to do your research because…

Well, because your emotional support animal letter needs to be the kind of a dog who could be easily trained. The dog has to be family-friendly and easy to have in public places because a lot of public places will let your ESA be with you only if the animal is well-behaved and trained. So, look for the dogs who can hit the brief easily!

List of the Medium-Sized Ones…

They are cute and playful Labrador Retrievers. There is a reason these are so popular with families. They are intelligent and easy to train. They are also extremely friendly and loyal. You won’t have any problems with this one wagging its tail in your wake!

Don’t stop there! There are more choices! The second in this list of reasonably medium-sized dogs is the poodle. This toy breed is also quite superior to many when it comes to being smart and understanding! They are extremely playful and manageable. This is a dog that you can take anywhere without a qualm!

Cocker Spaniels are another breed that is known for being playful. They are well behaved and known to get along with other people as well as animals!

Who does not love a Golden Retriever? This dog is known for being the best guide, so that is a plus! When trained well, these dogs are the best guides and service dogs. They are extremely loyal and would do anything to make you happy if you opt for one!

A Note of Caution!

Now that you probably know which one you would want, there is something else you must be aware of! Although the process of owning an esa letter for housing is simple and the letter is also quite easy to lay your hands on, there are quite a few scammers!

Just look for a few red flags. If you are asked for exuberant amounts as fees or documents to get yourself (or your pet for that matter) “registered” or “licensed”, you need to run as far away as possible. Look for a trustworthy website that offers just a letter and nothing else.

This website must only require you to fill an application form. It must have access to licensed mental health professionals to review your application and approve of it. Also, the website must not take any longer than two weeks to send you that coveted letter. For more information regarding an esa letter, visit

Enjoy the opportunity to cope with anxiety and debilitating stress…!

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