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Review - Marko Novak’s Blog

Marco Novak is a 25 year old blogger from Slovenia who blogs about many of the things I do, namely Web Design, SEO, making revenue from blogs, and other interesting topics and pictures.

I’ve come to really like Marco’s site, and the posts he makes. The site design looks very sleek and well designed without going overboard on bright colors or things that distract too much from the part of the page he’s trying to stress, the content.


The attractive icons at the bottom of each post seem to jump right out at you, however I’m curious as to how successful the use of those is under circumstances that there is no “high-profile” user browsing the site.

Marko is very good at writing in a sense that it makes people want to respond in the comments, in combination with other incentives such as free links and adspace. The comments in turn make people browsing his site see that it’s actualy active and not just “another blog.”

According to he has a good constant rate of posts (something I’m having trouble with), and although his “Stumble on Sunday” posts appear to be his most popular, I much rather prefer the actual writing he does.

At the moment I don’t really like how the site looks with the little ads where WidgetBucks used to be. I wonder if WidgetBucks wasn’t going very successfully, because I actually quite liked how the ad fit in with the rest of the page. It may have been due to a recent announcement by WidgetBucks that they do not accept revenue coming from visitors outside of the United States. According to hw help online experts with Marko being from Slovenia I would assume he has a lot of traffic outside of the United States, something which Adsense would cover just as well.

In short, it’s great looking active blog, that provides content which makes me want to come back everyday.

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