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How to write a good article. Instructions

Determine the purpose of the text and the target audience

Before you start writing an article, you need to answer the main question - why should I write this text? That is, determine for yourself the purpose of the article.

If we talk about the purpose of the text within the framework of business (if you did not intend to create a work of fiction), then it probably will pay for papers sound something like this

Confirm your expertise as a specialist in some area;

"warm up" the audience and increase the number of visits to the site, applications;

to entertain the reader and thereby influence loyalty to the company or increase brand recognition;

immediately lead the reader to the purchase.

From the purpose of the text will depend on the target action of the user - what he should do after he read the article. For example, go to the site. Or just remember your name, or learn about a new service that your company offers.

Next you need to pay for essay correction think - who is your reader? Or the target audience of the text. In other words, present a portrait of the reader and keep it in mind during the work on the material. Let's say they are young entrepreneurs who want to understand the accounting for IE. Or it's affluent people who are looking for new tools for investing. Or a marketer who plans to pump up their skills and chooses an online course on contextual advertising. The style of the article and the terms you can use will also depend on the target audience, but we'll talk about that later.

So, the target has been determined, who the article will be aimed at is also clear. Now it's time to think about how to engage your reader and bring him or her to the target action? We are talking about the usefulness of the article for the audience, not about a catchy title (it also matters, but the reader can open and immediately close the text). What the article should contain so that the person clicks on the headline, then reads it to the end and does what you intended.

The answer - the text should solve the reader's problem and make his life easier. The user won't waste time on something that won't help them in any way. Even if the article is entertaining, it also carries some benefit, namely it helps the reader to relax the brain, to distract.

When you understand why and for whom you need to write this text, what problem you're going to solve, you can formulate the theme of the future article.

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