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Does It Make Sense to Write a Dissertation?

For those students who wish to continue their studies, it is important to think about whether it is worth preparing for a PhD thesis. After all, if you want to have another specialty, you just need to get the title of master. If you want to master the depth of the profession from the inside, it makes sense to go to to get some help with graduate school.

Obtaining a degree in the future will allow you to find a job in your specialty and take a good position. A young specialist, thanks to obtaining an academic title and working in a budgetary institution, will receive an additional percentage of his salary. When employed in a commercial structure, the salary will depend not so much on education, but on practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

There is a misconception that a company director who does not have a college degree is reluctant to hire graduate students who are smarter than him. However, these are just conversations, it doesn’t matter at all what kind of education an employee has, what matters is his level of knowledge and ability to apply them in practice. If a person is literate and well versed in the professional field, he has a high probability of getting a good and well-paid job.

In what areas is a PhD important?

Obtaining a degree by a graduate student or applicant is, first of all, a personal achievement. It plays an important role in areas such as:

  • medicine;

  • jurisprudence;

  • pedagogy and education.

Applicants and applicants are invited to enter the university where higher education was previously received in order to continue studying the research topic that has been started. At the usual place, you don’t have to reacquaint yourself with the teachers and get used to the new rules. To avoid problems with the submission of documents, it is recommended to immediately take recommendations for admission to graduate school. The supervisor often becomes the teacher who advised the student when writing the diploma.

However, university education and postgraduate education are different concepts. The second option, which is the training of highly qualified personnel, is much more difficult, since most of the materials will have to be searched and processed with one's own hand, new theories should be developed and conclusions drawn. If the PhD student/applicant is smart and diligent, then preparing for a dissertation will not be a problem for him. Some particularly talented students defend their Ph.D. work and receive their degrees ahead of schedule.

How to write a dissertation without leaving your studies or work?

Full-time study takes a lot of time for a person who is going to write a dissertation. It will be difficult to conduct research work, collecting the necessary materials on the topic. The applicant will have to go to lectures for several more years, catching up on obtaining the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for obtaining a scientific degree.

There is such a variant of the form of work as a job seeker - this is attachment to a university without enrolling in graduate school. This form does not require passing exams and tests, and is also considered the most budgetary option for studying after high school.

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