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What Is Strategic Leadership?

The Strategic Leadership program at MSU will help you attain the skills and knowledge to work more effectively with people, organizational systems, and complex information-critical factors in you and your company's success. The program's objectives embody development of a leadership skill set, strategies for problem solving, solutions to homework help college facilitate and manage change applicable in an office of one to a company of thousands, whether they are profit, not-for-profit, service, retail, or manufacturing. You will grow professionally with credentials that will help you push beyond your current professional limits.

Offered through the School of Graduate Studies, the Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership is an adult-focused graduate program designed to:

Promote dexterity in creative problem solving.

Encourage principles of sound quality management.

Facilitate techniques for effective use of teams.

Inspire strategic thinking that helps an organizations maintain a competitive advantage.

Infuse the advantage of an organizational analysis and its use in managing change.

To qualify for the program or courses applicants must possess:

Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university

Where and When are Classes Offered?

Mountain State University's Strategic Leadership program is one of many we offer to help working adults further their education without having to take time away from their job or family. You can participate in the face-to-face classroom environment or you can participate in an on-line learning environment.

Our program cohort in seat classroom method requires attendance one session a week at one of our essay editing service convenient locations throughout West Virginia, and our branch campuses in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida, as well as virtual team meetings.

Our courses online require web chats and other virtual experiences with your classmates and through individual course assignments. Available worldwide.

What Will I Be Doing?

Through numerous activities including weekly guided discussions, team projects and role playing, you will be in class with a number of your peers. Successful completion of this pay for essay program will require you to participate in case studies, action research, and participate in experiential activities. Learning outcomes will be the same regardless of whether you take our course in a classroom setting or online.

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