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Fax USA And Canada At 1Paisa

Want to talk to your friends and relatives staying in USA and Canada. But, due to high fax rate you are unable to talk to them or you can’t fax them for a longer time period. Don’t worry we have came today with the cheaper rate of international faxing from India to USA and Canada plan provided by Nimbuzz. Now you can fax your child, husband and family relatives in just 1paisa/second. Nimbuzz has introduced this plan to its user with the partnership of Spectranet to introduce Spectranet hello ip.

What is Nimbuzz?

Our iphone faxing app is a free fax and messaging app which is basically designed for the today’s connecting generation. Nimbuzz is the best free instant messenger (IM) for your Windows PC, Mac or mobile phone. It has the power to connect Internet and mobile communication in one, and this help us to make faxs, send messages and share files on any mobile device for free. With the help of Nimbuzz you can make fax from Pc to mobile free of cost. Nimbuzz let you- meet, share and connect with your loved ones and relatives. It is a mobile freedom which help us to communicate.

Why Go for Nimbuzz

There are three reason why people choose Nimbuzz, and why we suggest you to go for Nimbuzz. This three reasons are its free faxing, messaging and connecting service.

1. Faxing: Nimbuzz says Between Us it is free, that means you can fax your friends on Nimbuzz without worrying about the bill. Nimbuzz connects your phone to the one you want to connect over the mobile Internet. The only thing you should have is Wifi connection or an unlimited data plan on your mobile.

2. Connecting: Now you decide what you want to do weather you want to fax, message, share files or location, or simply see who is online. You can use your Nimbuzz everywhere you want, weather on mobile, Pc or even on Internet browser. It helsp you to import your friends on Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger and GoogleTalk.

3. Messaging: Nimbuzz offers you a free messaging along with photo, music, and video sharing between your Nimbuzz friends, which will save your huge money at the end of year. You can invite your friends for group chat, you can make new friends and you can share your ideas on Twitter.

Fax USA and Canada at Just 1P/s

With unreasonably high cost of faxing rate Indian’s are changing their communication lifestyles. Where no boundaries are their between two countries to get connected, this high rate of faxing has developed a boundary to connect with friends and relatives. By understanding the belief, that fax should be free and affordable, Nimbuzz has announced his partnership with Spectranet to introduce Spectranet hello ip. This joint venture will be helpful for Nimbuzz users are this will allow them to fax at price starting 1 paise/second.

This Spectranet hello ip service will help you to save your 90% on your international faxing you spend. This service will only be used by the resident of India to fax other country number and can be accessed on all regular data and Wi Fi networks. Now enjoy faxing to USA and Canada at a very affordable price.

Look at the post and give your valuable comments and feedback on the same. We hope this service will help you to fax more and more to your relative and family. You can also suggest us another service that gives you the same plan to fax USA and Canada.


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