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Make Mom Smile!

What better way to honor your human mom, our cat moms, and minimize your carbon footprint than to send an adorable ecard?

Gifford Cat Shelter ecards are now available to send to moms everywhere on this special day! There are many styles to choose from and you can add your own personalized message! You can even make a donation to Gifford in your mom's name!

Your generous donation helps support our work to provide loving care to these incredible cat moms and there adorable babies. This time of year brings many new kittens into this world. Sadly, many of them are born outside and are faced with countless dangers from the second they are born.

With your support, we can provide shelter, food, comfort, and medical care to moms and kittens throughout this Kitten Season. Many of the card options feature our amazing cat moms and their babies!

Click here to utilize our ecard partner site to select a card, personalize the message, make a donation, and send!

Happy Mother's Day to human moms and cat moms everywhere!

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