Bingo with a KICK!

Win prizes and have a fun night in by joining our Virtual Bingo night!


The more cards you have for each game, the better your chances are to take home prizes such as designer handbags and $100 gift cards in 6 games of Bingo and a KICK! Raffle.

The game will consist of six rounds of Bingo. Each Bingo board purchased means one for EACH of those rounds (so if you buy a 3-pack, you have 3 boards for each of 6 rounds). Each round will have one winner who chooses either a designer handbag or a $100 gift card. Whichever prize is not chosen then gets raffled off to people with raffle tickets. 

Everyone is welcome to join in, so tell your friends and family, and let's make it a party!

Click the link below to buy Bingo cards/KICK! Raffle tickets to benefit Gifford Cat Shelter.

Click Here to Buy Your Cards