Meet Mandy, the Most Misunderstood Cat at Gifford

As you can see from the photo below of her snuggling in the arms of shelter director Eric (add to it the sound of purring), five-year-old Mandy can be incredibly loving with people she knows well. Unfortunately, when meeting people for the first time—including, of course, potential adopters—she comes across as aloof and will sometimes even hiss. For that reason, she has been back at the shelter for over a year—and that’s after being in more than one foster home. A former stray, she’s the kind of cat who needs extra stability. Sadly, she has had anything but. But you can change that.

Please don’t be fooled by Mandy’s “standoffishness.” She’s actually a sweet and social cat, the first to greet volunteers at the door each morning. She always wants to be where the crowd is, so long as the crowd is pretending to ignore her! Think of her as an introverted extrovert.

Mandy can be a bit cranky, but she has made a ton of progress in recent months and is making more every day. She’s at her best when she feels in control and we believe that, once she has a home (and a person) all to herself, she’ll be a much happier cat. Still, there will probably be a significant amount of time where Mandy will have to call the shots in the relationship. The right adopter will be o.k. with that—o.k. with her rubbing up against you, even if she’s not amenable to petting (though Eric can demonstrate how, with long, confident, heavy-handed strokes, you can actually sneak some in). If she knows you, when she’s sleepy you can sometimes even rub the bridge of her nose. And once she gets comfortable with you, she will offer her belly to you as a sign of trust—though she’s not really intending for you to rub it!

A sturdy cat with corn-colored eyes, Mandy is mostly a couch-potato, though she’ll play with wand toys when she’s in the mood.  She’s very food motivated (which is something you can use to your advantage). Her ideal adopter will be persistent with her while at the same time letting her take things at her own pace and respecting her personal space. She’ll do best in an adult-only home with an experienced owner and no other cats. We know the right person will adore her quirky ways, like we do.

Want to meet Mandy or know more?  Please visit the shelter during public viewing hours:  Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4pm, and Thursdays from 4:-7:30pm.  It is also recommended to fill out a non-binding adoption application, which you can do by clicking here.

You can check out ALL of our cats available for adoption here:  Meet our cats


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One Response to Meet Mandy, the Most Misunderstood Cat at Gifford

  1. Jim Bures says:

    I’d love a cat like Mandy! I just lost my cat, Priscilla, today. She was very much the same way: affectionate with only her owner, but boy did she love to be pat.

    I wish I were ready to adopt, but I’m going to wait a few months and then get another.

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