Meet Our Cats: The Importance Of Kitty Cams

It is with great pleasure to announce the use and installation of a third and fourth kitty cam in our facility! The kitty cams are essential at our shelter because they allow the public to view the cats and show how our volunteers have been interacting with some of our more shy and fearful cats; many of these cats may be put down elsewhere. The volunteers have specific lesson plans to help the cats learn how to socialize more.  Usually shy cats take a while to adopt; sometimes it can take years. Since the installation of the kitty cams, viewers from all over the world have watched. Adoptions went up 30%.
We would not be able to add new kitty cams without Michael Parad, a Gifford Guardian Angel Member and owner and operator of Telecom Consultants LLC, and Rachel Geller, our Board VP who funded our previous two kitty cams.
Michael’s company is responsible for the equipment for the kitty cams. He donated the third kitty cam after he saw how passionate Rachel was about the cause. He believes the kitty cams provide potential adopters a more personal interaction and they can see how the cats act when no one is around.
Rachel is a cat behaviorist who adopted, socialized and raised two feral kittens. When asked how she felt about the  kitty cams she replied, ” “we mean it when we say we have no cages. You hear the term “cageless,” but when you see it you believe it, and understand the importance. Cats can be cats here.” Rachel also plans on giving lessons on cat behaviors with the kitty cams.
We want to thank both Michael and Rachel for their generous donation to Gifford Cat Shelter. If you haven’t checked out the kitty cams, make sure you do!
Written By Anna Dombrowski

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