Looking for a Lap Cat? Look No Further…

Hi, my name is Ghost! I didn’t always have a happy life, but I love people once I learn to trust them. When I first arrived at my foster home I was scared, but I quickly learned that my foster mom gave great ear scratches.

Naturally, I didn’t want to share her with my foster dad so I would walk around squeaking until he would leave the room. My foster mom thinks its hilarious…. my foster dad says I’m spoiled, but I know he loves me. Now I’ve learned to share the couch with everyone, but my foster mom will always be my favorite!

I spend my days lounging in the sunny windows watching birds and napping. I get very excited when my foster mom comes home and run to our cuddle spot. I love to curl up in her lap or next to her and use her as a pillow. Ear scratches are still the greatest thing ever and I reward my family with super loud purrs and furious kneading! I’m not the most coordinated cat and have been seen falling off while trying to jump from the first to second step of my cat tree, but I make up for it with my charm!

I’m mostly just a laid back cat looking for a quiet home with a person or two to call my own. I would make a loving addition to any adults only home!

8 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ghost

① Ghost plays favorites! His first 2 weeks in his foster home, he would cry until his foster dad would leave the room and he could cuddle on the couch with his foster mom. He’s now decided there’s room for all 3 of them so don’t worry, he will warm up to everyone! He’ll always have a clear favorite though and let’s be honest, it’s adorable.

② He can never say no to an ear scratch! He will contort himself into ridiculous positions for them.

③ Ghost doesn’t really meow, he squeaks. It will actually be the cutest sound you hear all year!

④ He craves human touch! He always wants to be touching you. Even if he starts just sitting beside you, he quickly pulls himself closer and closer until he’s pressed up against you.

⑤ Ghost sits in laps! And who doesn’t love a lap cat? No one.

⑥ One of his favorite things is to use you as a pillow! No matter where you are he wants to rest his head on you.

⑦ He’s polite! Ghost waits to be invited for cuddle time before coming over! When’s the last time you met a cat that asked permission to do anything?

⑧ He’s dog and cat friendly! At the shelter he lived with another cat and in his foster home he lives with 2 small (15 lb) dogs.

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