How the Kitty Cams Got Me into the Gifford Cats

My name is Joseph and I am in the 7th grade. I have been coming to Dr. Rachel Geller for tutoring since kindergarten. One day when I came to tutoring, Rachel had the kitty cams on her computer. This is when I first started learning about cats. I learned from the kitty cams that cats like to play, and I saw how they ran around. I started watching the kitty cams every day, and following Gifford on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I started to learn their names. I saw on the kitty cams that cats like to party all night long! That’s really true!

The first cat I got to know was Moo. I used to ask Rachel every time I came to tutoring if Moo got adopted yet. I thought she was such a cute cat and was sad that it took a long time for Moo to find her home. I was sad when Rachel would tell me Moo had not been adopted yet. When I found out she was adopted, I was so happy for her!

The next cats I learned about were the NY hoarding situation cats. I saw them on the kitty cams, too. I remember Terry, Bagherra and Baloo. Terry would always want to play and head butt, and Bagherra was more mellow. Baloo liked to eat treats. I also saw Moonpie on the kitty cams. Moonpie was the biggest cat I ever saw! On the kitty cam, I always saw Moonpie because he towered over the other cats. Moonpie was a big cat and really cute, so I was happy when he got adopted. Adam is another cat I see on the kitty cam. He is black and white and very cute. He has been at Gifford for a long time. I hope he gets adopted soon.

The kitty cam is a really great tool to get connected to cats. I got to know the cats and Gifford because of the kitty cams. I want a cat now, but my dad is allergic, but someday when I am on my own, I want to adopt a cat from Gifford.

By Joseph T.

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2 Responses to How the Kitty Cams Got Me into the Gifford Cats

  1. Michael Parad says:

    Great Job Joseph and Rachel way to go!

  2. Elise says:

    Definitely think kitty cams are a great tool! Nice article, Joseph :).

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