Happy Tails — Andre the Shoulder Cat

By Mara Walton, Gifford staff

When Andre was 10 years old, his owner died and he ended up in a city shelter. As a senior cat coming down with a cold, Andre didn’t stand a chance — he was scheduled to be euthanized. Luckily for Andre, Gifford stepped in and took him in.

Upon arrival, Andre had to be rushed to an emergency vet for a respiratory infection. His chances of survival were low, but Andre is a stubborn boy. He required extensive care after hospitalization; oral medications, eye medications, supplements, and subcutaneous fluids. After weeks of care, Andre recovered. He was finally ready to start looking for his new home.

Andre on my shoulders

During adoption hours he would sit right next to the door and be the first one to greet adopters. Every morning he greeted me too. As much as Andre liked breakfast, he wasn’t meeting me at the door for food. Andre was waiting for his favorite treat – a shoulder ride.

As the weeks passed, I began to worry that no one was going to pick Andre. As great of a cat as he was, not many people come in looking for a senior cat. Then I got a call from a woman looking for a senior cat. I told her about Andre and to my delight, she said she would come meet him! When she arrived, Andre was sitting front and center. The connection was instantaneous.

Now Andre spends his days sleeping in her bed, sitting at the dinner table when guests come over, watching birds from a multitude of windows.

Meeting his adopters…

He is quite the social cat. His adopters tell me as soon as anyone comes in the door, he is right there to greet them. He gets so excited about company and participating in the entertaining!

He is also very fond of the young grandchildren in the family. They love to play with him and Andre just soaks it all up, gentle and happy to be the center of attention.

Andre also has a little blanket that someone made him, and he’s so attached to it that he loves to snuggle under it and listen to classical music.

Playing with the grandchildren



Andre has come a long way – and Gifford is so happy they could save him from being euthanized, and now in a warm, cozy home with lots of love. And yes, he still demands shoulder rides before every meal.

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4 Responses to Happy Tails — Andre the Shoulder Cat


    I am so happy to hear that things turned out so well for Andre. When I came to Gifford to adopt a companion cat, I was drawn to Andre and for a while he was my first choice. But my best friend talked me into a younger cat because I had just recently been devastated by the loss of a senior cat with lymphoma. As a shut in with health issues and depression, he thought it was too risky. Instead- I adopted a 4 year old, “Peanut”. He is a wonderful, if sometimes a bit too frisky, buddy. I worry about him being bored, so the apartment is filled with toys and climbing structures. When I play with him I usually end up with battle scars. At least I am never bored!

    • giffordcats says:

      Paula — this is nice to hear. We too are glad things turned out so well for Andre. Thank you for choosing to adopt, and for bringing a Gifford cat into your home. Sounds like Peanut is clearly happy, and keeping you entertained! We love updates from Gifford alum, so thank you for sharing.

  2. Ellie says:

    I am needing a home for my fur baby she is 3 my granddaughter lives with me she 4 months old n so very allergic to her can someone please help me I’ve called several shelters and no help aft all

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