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Meet some of our favorite adoptable cats!

All Gifford cats are special, but there are usually a few residents who steal the hearts of staff members and volunteers. Does your home have a place for one of these VIPs?


Manny is a 3 year old boy who happens to be FIV+. He plans on living a long, fun-filled life. He loves other cats and wants to have a buddy in his forever home. Manny doesn’t like scary loud noises or sudden movements so he would do best in a home with larger, older humans that would not spook him. Manny loves to play, eat treats, and take selfies. Come visit Manny during open hours – we know you’ll fall in love with this sweet boy!


Buster was a stray, and from the looks of it he hasn’t had the easiest life. Good news Buster: your street fighting days are over! Do not be fooled by his veteran prizefighter appearance; Buster is one of the sweetest cats you will ever hope to meet! This young oldster (we estimate 10 years) loves attention and is a total lap cat. We have determined the correct math equation to equal Buster: cuteness + handsomeness + street smarts + ruggedness + cuddliness – some teeth = 10+ year old lap cat Buster. We just love him!



Good-hearted Golden loves treats, cuddling with feline friends, and playfully exploring the shelter. Because she’s never had a forever-home of her own, Golden’s a bit shy around humans, but is quite comfortable being around people she knows. Golden is usually pretty lazy, but she’ll perk up to hunt bugs or play with catnip toys. Golden loves all other cats, so she would want to either go home with one of her friends or go to a home with another cat in it. If you’re an experienced cat owner looking for a smart, lazy feline friend, come meet Golden! Think Golden might brighten up your household, but want to learn more? Watch her video!

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