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Meet some of our favorite adoptable cats!

All Gifford cats are special, but there are usually a few residents who steal the hearts of staff members and volunteers. Does your home have a place for one of these VIPs?


Lovely Gracie is the hidden gem of the shelter!

Gracie has been at the shelter for a while, partially due to her mild diabetes (which is super easy to manage – especially considering she’s the chillest patient ever!) When Gracie came to the shelter she was a sweetie, but over the past few months she started withdrawing. We knew Gracie didn’t like other cats, so we decided to let her take over as our office cat – and it was the best decision ever! Gracie has turned back into a total lovebug and she’s even looking healthier now that she’s not stressed out. These days, she can be found rolling right over for 5 minutes of belly rubs!

If you’re looking to give a super sweet young cat (she’s only 4.5!) a home, please consider Gracie! She receives low dose insulin shots, but is super relaxed about them and we will send her home with her current vial plus one full vial – a few months worth of treatment. Other than her shots, Gracie needs no special treatment, and she really wants a forever home!


Please don’t be fooled by Mandy’s “standoffishness.” She’s actually a sweet and social cat. In fact, she’s the first to greet volunteers at the door each morning! She always wants to be where the crowd is, so long as the crowd is pretending to ignore her! Think of her as an introverted extrovert.

Five-year-old Mandy can be incredibly loving with people she knows well. But when meeting people for the first time, she comes across as aloof. For that reason, she has been at the shelter for over a year.

Mandy has made a ton of progress in recent months and is making more every day. She’s at her best when she feels in control and we believe that, once she has a home (and a person) all to herself, she’ll be a much happier cat. We know the right person will adore her quirky ways, like we do!

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