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Meet some of our favorite adoptable cats!

All Gifford cats are special, but there are usually a few residents who steal the hearts of staff members and volunteers. Does your home have a place for one of these VIPs?


Adam is a shy kitty who is getting braver every day. This 5-year-old is especially affectionate before breakfast time, when he rubs up against our legs and head butts us. Adam is used to living with other cats, so he would have to go home to a kitty who wanted a buddy.

Adam is enrolled in Gifford’s Socialization Program for Shy and Fearful cats, designed to help give under-socialized cats a chance at a permanent family and home. Think Adam might be a good fit for your family and want to learn more? We’re happy to chat with you about this special guy.


63119a63-8805-4474-aae9-bdc10c27f010Golden and Shelley are quite the pair! Kind and good-hearted, these ladies love treats, playing, and like to explore. Because Golden and Shelley have never had a forever-home of their own, they’re a bit timid around people. To help them come out of their shells, they’ve been enrolled in Gifford’s socialization program, where volunteers work one-on-one with shy cats to give them a chance at a permanent family and home. We believe Shelley and Golden will thrive with gentle and patient adopters.

Think these ladies might brighten up your household, but want to learn more? Watch their videos (Shelley & Golden) or give us a call!

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