Targeted Funds

Tuffy GellerThe Tuffy Fund: Tuffy was a beloved cat who shared his life with a member of Gifford’s Board of Directors. He battled cardiomyopathy and liver disease, yet lived to be 18 years old because he was fortunate enough to have access to quality veterinary care and medications. When you donate to the Tuffy Fund, you will be directly supporting Gifford cats with chronic health problems requiring long-term medications and supportive care.

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The Angel Fund: Gifford is committed to helping shy and fearful cats become the best Angelcats they can be with our Gifford Socialization Program. This is a structured, organized and long-term program that teaches cats how to become comfortable with petting, brushing, and playing. Angel is one of our beloved cats who has benefited greatly from our socialization program. Angel and her friends in the program may have been given up on at other shelters, and left as feral. But, under the socialization program they have achieved remarkable progress to the point of being adoptable, to a patient and kind adopter. We continue to work with them and keep their progress moving forward in a happy and enriching environment until their person discovers them and takes them home, which can take several months to several years. Your gift to the Angel Fund will enable us to continue providing the optimum environment for these long term cats including the materials, food and specialized vet care they require.

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The Domino Fund:This fund has been set up to help defray the cost of needed dental procedures for the cats in our care. Dental disease is one of the most common but undertreated conditions in cats. However, it can significantly diminish a cat’s quality of life, causing serious infections, pain, and a loss of appetite.  Dental surgery is very costly even with generous discounts from our veterinarians.  The Domino Fund is named after a much-loved FIV+ cat who needed extensive dental work while in our care.

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The Olive Fund:This fund has been set-up to assist the increasing number of cats for whom we care that are dealing with ophthalmological issues. Over the past few years we have had a steady flow of cats who have been under the care of our wonderful veterinary ophthalmologist. Your targeted support will enable us to continue to provide quality medical care for cats with visual impairments, ocular defects, and other eye issues until they find their loving, adoptive homes.

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