Second Chance Sponsor

Each cat entering the Gifford Cat Shelter is given a second chance at a new life. This means no time limit on how long they stay, medical conditions receive ongoing and necessary care and unsocialized cats receive love, patience and understanding. Many times we do not know the conditions affecting cats before we rescue them. Nevertheless we stay true to our mission and deliver individualized treatment and care demonstrating the value and meaning of each life. Most often it is our seniors, cats with behavior issues or medical conditions that reside at Gifford the longest.

You can make an enormous difference in a cat’s life by sponsoring them until they find a permanent home. Your sponsorship aids in that particular cat’s medical care and costs of their extended stay which can sometimes be years. You may also want to select a feline as a Gift Sponsor for a friend or relative.

Below is a list of Gifford’s residents who need extra TLC or have become long term residents . Thank you for giving our forgotten felines the gift of life and becoming a Second Chance Sponsor.

Sponsor Rosebud

My name is Rosebud. I came to Gifford in 2010 from a hoarding situation. I like to think I am as sweet and petite as my name implies, but arrived to Gifford malnourished and very shy. My housemates have long ago found homes of their own. The Gifford staff discovered I suffer from a seizure disorder  and now require medication twice a day. Further complicating matters were my medical issues that had not received proper care. I have a damaged outer ear and a skin lesion on my side that still hasn’t healed. I was handled quite a bit for my treatment, which I wasn’ t too fond of but it also helped me get used to being touched by people. I later came into my own at the shelter.

I love to be petted and will purr if you give me attention. I still don’t enjoy medication time but understand my skin lesions have to heal. Thankfully it doesn’t compromise my health, but have been told it is a chronic condition. I happily accept the strokes on my back that come after the ointment is applied. Meow!!

Rosebud’s additional medical care costs approximately $100 a month or $1,200 a year. At Gifford we believe that once you commit to a pet, they are yours forever. We will continue her care until she has found a forever home. If that doesn’t happen, we will take care of this sweet little gal for the rest of her life.  If you would like to Sponsor Rosebud please donate below.



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3 Responses to Second Chance Sponsor

  1. Frances S Reid says:

    I have made a donation of $500 for all of the cats listed above. They all need money and love. I visited your home this past weekend and was very impressed with the facilities and the staff, as well as by the cats. I wish I could adopt them all!

    • staceyprice says:


      Thank you so much for your generous support, especially our longer term special need kitties – none of this would be possible without you. I am so glad you were able to visit and see our facility, but most of all share some time with our cats. We too (staff) have trouble not taking them all home.

  2. Nancy and Stephen says:

    We just signed up to make a monthly donation to the shelter, for the shelter to use as needed. We also adopted our beloved cat, Kevin, this October. Gifford Cat Shelter is the best! We’re happy to do what we can to support their mission in taking care of our feline friends.