Memorial & Tribute Donations

A memorial or tribute gift is a wonderful way to pay homage to a person or a pet. When you make a donation to Gifford Cat Shelter in honor of a person or a pet, we will send an acknowledgment card to the honoree or family of the honoree. You can donate in several ways:

By Paypal

1. Click on DONATE button below.
2. Fill out payment information and press button to continue to payment review page.
3. Click on ‘add special instructions to seller’ on the payment review page. You can type any special instructions, wording and tributes in the dialog box that appears.
4. Please include:
—name of honoree
—person to whom the acknowledgement card should be sent
—address where the acknowledgement card should be sent
5. Click bottom button to complete the donation
6. Your information will appear in the email confirmation you will receive from Paypal.

By Mail

If you would like to send your donation by mail, please be sure to include the name of the person/pet in whose honor or memory you are making the donation. Also include the address of the person who should receive the acknowledgement. Donations via mail can be sent to: Gifford Cat Shelter, 30 Undine Road, Brighton, MA 02135.

By Phone

You may call the Gifford Cat Shelter at 617-787-8872 during business hours (8:00AM – 4:30PM 7days/week) to make a credit card donation over the phone.

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