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Home Comfort Blankets HeaderGive a shelter cat something of their very own to bring to their forever home just by doing what you love to do!

Home Comfort BlanketsGifford needs your help in providing every cat a comfy, warm blanket to cozy up on in their new home. When your blanket goes home with a Gifford cat, we will send you a picture of the lucky recipient!

Home Comfort BlanketsThe How To
Blankets should be:
Handmade: knit, sewn, crocheted
Machine Washable.
Cat Sized: Approximately 18 by 24 inches

Simply mail your blanket to the shelter.
If you’re local, drop off your blanket at the shelter and meet the cats!

Please include: Your Name, City/State and Email Address (if no email, please include a mailing address for your Thank You & kitty photo). Feel free to include a well wishes note to the cat and/or adopter.!

Home Comfort BlanketsGifford Cat Shelter: Home Comforts
30 Undine Rd
Brighton, MA 02135
Questions? You may call the Gifford Cat Shelter at 617-787-8872 during business hours (8:00AM – 4:30PM 7days/week).

*In the event of surplus, some blankets may be used in the shelter. If so, we will send a picture of a shelter cat enjoying your gift!

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