Matching Forever Friends

You know what kind of cat would fit well within your home and family of humans and existing pets. We know the personality of each of our cats and what each cat needs in order to live a happy, healthy life. We work with you to make the perfect match.

To begin the adoption process, please complete our Online Adoption Application. We will contact you as soon as we receive your application.  We welcome you to visit the Shelter and our cats Thursday 4:00 – 7:30PM and Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 – 4:00PM or other times by appointment.

Adoption Fee:

  • $150 cats over age 10
  • $200 per adult
  • $225 per kitten (6 months and under)**

**Please note we recommend that all kittens under the age of 6 months have a companion. To learn more about the importance of kitten socialization please click here. All adoptions of kittens are evaluated on a case by case basis to determine the best match for their needs.

What does the Adoption Fee Include?

  • adoption counseling and take home care information
  • spay or neuter surgery (at 9 weeks)
  • test for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)
  • FVRCP vaccines (age appropriate at the time of adoption)
  • flea treatment or preventative
  • initial treatment for ear mites as needed
  • copy of cat’s medical records

Our adoption fees reflect only a portion of the charges we incur for their care, especially as no-kill shelter. By paying the adoption fee you are helping us defray a portion of these costs. As an example, we’ve included a list of fees below as an example of the actual cost associated with your cat’s care or should you get a free cat elsewhere of possible fees you could incur:

  • Veterinary wellness visit and exam $50-100
  • Spaying or neutering $150-300
  • Distemper vaccination $20-30×2
  • Rabies vaccination $15-25
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV test (for cats) $30-50
  • Flea/tick treatment $50-200
  • Deworming $20-50

TOTAL: $375-785

We Support You During and After Adoption 

In addition to matching you with your forever friend(s), we are available to you during and after the adoption in order to ensure a smooth transition for you and your cat(s).

Kittens, Adult Cat or Seniors? Things to Consider

10 Reasons Why Kittens Are Better Together

Reason #1: You’re saving two lives instead of one. If it’s kitten season, that’s one more kitten that will get a home instead of growing into an adult which will decrease its chance of getting adopted.

Reason #2: One kitten can become lonely. A kitten left alone during the day can become lonely and bored, which sometimes can lead to mischief. Two kittens will never be lonely, especially if they are siblings. Since new environments are often frightening, unrelated kittens often form close bonds that should be respected when adoption time comes.

Reason #3: One kitten can drive an older cat nuts. Although it might sound contrary, an older, established cat will probably accept two kittens better than one. One kitten will seek out the older cat as a playmate, or worse, tease and pester the senior cat which can cause stress to an older cat. The kitten in return, will be “rewarded” for his playful efforts with hisses and swats. Two kittens will expend their energy in play with each other, leaving their older “uncle” to relax in peace.

Reason #4: Two kittens will self train. Kittens learn by copying. If one kitten is quick to learn appropriate litter box use, the other will be likely to copy. They also help each other with grooming; wash up after meals soon becomes a ritual with two kittens.

Reason #5 They help each other burn off energy. Even the most devoted human caregiver can quickly become exhausted by trying to keep up with the energy of a single kitten. Two kittens will wear each other out.

Reason #6: Fewer behavior problems with two. Many people who experience behavior problems with kittens find that some of them go away when they adopt another playmate. What may be perceived as mischief is often just the result of boredom.

Reason #7: Curiosity overcomes finicky eaters. If one kitten is finicky about food, the belligerence is often overcome by curiosity at what its sibling is eating.

Reason #8: They act like pillows for one another. Kittens will often play so hard that they simply flop where they are. There is no sight so endearing as two kittens curled up together for a nap.

Reason #9: More entertaining to watch.

Reason #10: Friend for life. Two kittens who grow up together will almost always be lifelong friends. Although they will sometimes have their little squabbles you will more often see them engaging in mutual grooming, playing together, and sleeping with their best pal.

Cats with Special Needs

Cats with special needs, including those with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, are available for adoption.  We will be happy to help you understand this condition, the long, happy lives that can be lived by cats who have it, as well as the challenges they may face.

For information about how to care for older cats and cats with other special needs, click here.

Adult or Kitten: Which is right for you?

Kittens are adorable, entertaining, and fun but they require considerable work and attention.  If you have the time to invest in caring for a kitten, we can assist you with kitten care advice.   We strongly recommend adopting kittens in pairs or as a companion for another young cat.  A kitten is less likely to get into trouble in your home if he has a playmate to keep him entertained.

An adult cat already has a more established “personality”; you know what you are getting when you adopt an adult cat. Some adult cats can take 2 -5 weeks to adapt fully to their new home, so be prepared to be patient with your new feline friend as she figures out her place in your home and life.

Shopping List (PDF) for New Cats

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